Storm Beetle

Type: First Generation Pet

School: Storm

Pedigree: 54

Cards: Gives one Storm Beetle Item Card at Adult

Egg Name: Stormsquall egg

Hatch Time: 00:00:05 (Days:Hours:Minutes)

Description: Given to students by Zeke after the 1,000,000th student (Fiona AshBlood) joined. Unfortunately, he quickly ran out. It looks just like the spell, and it gave the spell since March 26, 2010. The spell is Storm Beetle Item Card. Crowns Only Item.

Also this pet is available until Nov. 1, 2011 through a Kingsile Facebook page promotion for "liking" them, or this pet may be obtained by playing "Grub Guardian" at in the month of November, 2012. Players may receive this pet in the following month of December.

Default Attribute Limits

Strength: 250 Intellect: 200 Agility: 225 Will: 240 Power: 200

Slot #: Name
Slot 1: Stalwart
Slot 2: Storm-Shot
Slot 3: Crafty
Slot 4: Durable
Slot 5: Tenacious
Slot 6: Storm-Proof
Slot 7: Health Gift
Slot 8: Stormblade (Talent)
Slot 9: Storm-Giver
Slot 10: Tireless
Derby Abilities:
Slot #: Name
Slot 1: Oil Slick
Slot 2: Slick-N-Slide
Slot 3: Bomber
Slot 4: Dead End
Slot 5: Baffle
Slot 6: Lock
Slot 7: Pipe Down!
Slot 8: Eat My Dust
Slot 9: Immunity
Slot 10: Big Hurry


From :
Amount :

Dropped By:

Reward From:

Liked Snacks:

Gummy Firecat
Cheese Broccoli
Evil Carrot
Square Root
Meat Soup
Moon Pie
Star Lollipop
Submarine Sandwich

Loved Snacks:

Nettle Root

Looks Like:

Rain Beetle (Pet)
Death Scarab
Grim Scarab
Life Scarab

Unique Hybrid Pets you can Hatch from this Pet:

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