Skull Riders is 1 out of 9 minigames in wizard101, In the game you are a doodle wizard riding a doodle dragon. The main goal is to shoot down the skull riders with fireballs and then to collect their skull. Be careful if the skull is not picked up fast enough it will become a stronger enemy.



Skull Riders Icon

Left-Move Left

Right-Move Right

Up-Float Up

Down-Not Used

Spacebar-Shoot Fireball

Mouse-Not Used


Skull Riders

The Four Enemys of Skull Riders

Blue SkullRider- Slow, Becomes Green SkullRider if Skull not grabbed

Green SkullRider- Medium Speed, Becomes Black SkullRider if Skull not grabbed

Black SkullRider- Fast, Becomes Fire SkullRider if Skull not grabbed

Fire SkullRider- Very Fast, Comes Back if Skull not grabbed


If you get far in Skull Riders and get a lot of points you can get:

  • Mana (Very Common) 200-250 pts
  • Gold (Common) 250-500 pts
  • Boots (Common) 1000-2000 pts
  • Hat (Rare) 2000-3000 pts
  • Robe (Very Rare) 3000-5000 pts
  • House Item (Very Rare) 5000+ pts?
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