Simple Vial.png
Type: Reagent - Bought

Rank: 2

School: Life

Description: A Simple Vial

Sell Price: 3 Gold

Al Saf'wan - Krokotopia
Campbell Hodgson - Marleybone
Yuji Hamada - MooShu
Zoltan Nightstone - Dragonspyre

Buy Price: 40 Gold

Used in Recipes for the Following:


Cryptchill Cap
Dreamfire Hood
Dreamwarden Hat
Emberflood Cap
Evenbloom Mantle
Everfrost Hood
Fairmuse Crown
Firebleak Headgear
Firebloom Topper
Firefrost Hat
Firetide Topper
Flamesign Cowl
Flarefrost Headwrap
Frostguard Hood
Frostleaf Mantle
Frostsage Cowl
Gloomsaga Headwrap
Glowmuse Headdress
Honorbane Shroud
Icebark Hood
Icycalm Coif
Lifedream Mantle
Lorestream Hat
Necrosoul Cowl
Scatterbloom Veil
Soulburner Mantle
Stormflower Shroud
Thundersight Cap
Visionquest Mantle
Winterdream Hood


Cryptchill Robe
Dreamfire Cloak
Dreamwarden Tunic
Emberflood Cowl
Evenbloom Raiment
Everfrost Surcoat
Fairmuse Jerkin
Firebleak Coat
Firebloom Jerkin
Firefrost Cloak
Firetide Overcoat
Flamesign Robe
Flarefrost Longcoat
Frostguard Cloak
Frostleaf Outfit
Frostsage Longcoat
Gloomsaga Vestment
Glowmuse Uniform
Honorbane Smock
Icebark Tunic
Icycalm Cloak
Lifedream Vestment
Lorestream Cloak
Necrosoul Robe
Scatterbloom Smock
Soulburner Tunic
Stormflower Longcoat
Thundersight Vestment
Visionquest Raiment
Winterdream Vestment


Cryptchill Sandals
Dreamfire Sandals
Emberflood Shoes
Evenbloom Striders
Everfrost Footgear
Fairmuse Slippers
Firebleak Striders
Firebloom Walkers
Firefrost Boots
Firetide Striders
Flamesign Shoes
Flarefrost Footwraps
Frostguard Boots
Frostleaf Walkers
Gloomsaga Striders
Glowmuse Slippers
Honorbane Boots
Icebark Striders
Icycalm Climbers
Lifedream Stalkers
Lorestream Striders
Necrosoul Sandals
Scatterbloom Boots
Soulburner Footwraps
Stormflower Boots
Thundersight Footgear
Visionquest Footwear
Winterdream Walkers


Mercurial Dagger
Poniard of Gallantry
Wish Blade


Band of Incentive
Band of Intuition
Jewel of Instinct
Ring of Insight
Seal of Impetus


Book Collection
Carved Stone Pedestal
Crane Obelisk
Dark Stone Fence
Flame Tablet
Framed Krokosphinx Photo
Glowing Fancy Lampost
Mantis Obelisk
Ornamental Stepstone
Serpent Obelisk
Solar Decoration
Solar Tablet
Stack of Paper
Stone Barrier
Stone Brazier
Stone Wall Segment
Storm Obelisk
Storm Stone Fence
Storm Stone Pedestal
Storm Tablet
Throwing Star Stand
Tooth Jar
Wyrm-Style Endtable

Treasure Cards

Cherry Pie
Funnel Cake
Ice Cream
Rock Candy
Spicy Chips
Tomato Soup

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