Simon Ritchie

Simon Ritchie


Marleybone,Regent's Square

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Bastille Buddy

Ends Quest:

Foxhound Footwear


Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Male Image Female Image
Pilferer's Shoes 1106 1146 Gold
Boots Pilferer's Shoes Male
Boots Pilferer's Shoes Female
Slippers of the Amicable 2214 2269 Gold
Boots Slippers of the Amicable Male
Boots Slippers of the Amicable Female
Stinging Shoes 2229 2291 Gold
Boots Stinging Shoes Male
Boots Stinging Shoes Female
Sympathetic Shoes 2215 2239 Gold
Boots Sympathetic Shoes Male
Boots Sympathetic Shoes Female
Boots of Reverie 2217 2263 Gold
Boots Boots of Reverie Male
Boots Boots of Reverie Female
Zapping Boots 2244 2285 Gold
Boots Zapping Boots Male
Boots Zapping Boots Female
Slippers of Purity 2212 2263 Gold
Boots Slippers of Purity Male
Boots Slippers of Purity Female
Slippers of Rapture 2235 2263 Gold
Boots Slippers of Rapture Male
Boots Slippers of Rapture Female
Striders of the Verge 1200 1200 Crown
Boots of the Elements 1200 1200 Crown

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