Type: First Generation Pet

School: Myth

Pedigree: 58


Egg Name: Mysterious Egg

Hatch Time: 00:21:00 (Days:Hours:Minutes)


Default Attribute Limits

Strength: 240 Intellect: 200 Agility: 250 Will: 225 Power: 200

Slot #: Name
Slot 1: Efficient
Slot 2: Stalwart
Slot 3: Vigilant
Slot 4: Intuitive
Slot 5: Myth-Giver
Slot 6: Myth-Proof
Slot 7: Crafty
Slot 8: Durable
Slot 9: Tenacious
Slot 10: Myth-Shot
Derby Abilities:
Slot #: Name
Slot 1: Slick-N-Slide
Slot 2: Catch
Slot 3: Dead End
Slot 4: Stonewall
Slot 5: Supercharge
Slot 6: Befuddle
Slot 7: Eat My Dust
Slot 8: Super Hurry
Slot 9: Disconcert
Slot 10: Clear Path


From :
Amount :

Dropped By:

Othin Stormfather

Reward From:

Liked Snacks:

Blonde Strawberry
Chocolate Cake
Frosted Drakes Cereal
King Banana
Moon Pie
Stinky Cheese
Sugar Donut

Loved Snacks:

Double Donut
Ambros Cereal
Cow Pie
Delicious Cookie

Looks Like:

Diseased Wildclaw (Pet)

Unique Hybrid Pets you can Hatch from this Pet:

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