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The place to go for all your Wizard City buying and selling needs, you will find vendors of nearly every description here.

Additionally, this place has a smith.


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Private O'Doyle


Artemus Firesmith
Aubert Quickhammer
Buxley Turtleton
Constance Windsong
Darla Whisperwind
Elowyn Frostmantle
Gaius Silverthistle
Gisele Moonbow
Gustav Copperflame
Pierre Gallantmane
Sven Stonebreaker
Victor Darkwood

Holiday Vendors

Valentine's Day: Valentina Heartsong
St. Patrick's Day: Pat O'Gold
Easter: Eggbert
Halloween: Spooky Bob
Harvest Festival: Harvest Hannah
Christmas: Felix Navidad


There are no creatures here, this is a neutral location. You will regain health over time, and find mana wisps here.

Thaumaturges (Ice wizards) can summon an Ice Giant at Elik's Edge as part of one of their spell quests.

Points of Interest

Pierre's Amulet Shop
Victor's Robe Shop
Artemus' Athame Shop
Darla's Dye Shop
Sven's Wand Shop
Gaius' Hat Shop
Gisele's Pet Shop
Constance's Boot Shop
Elowyn's Deck Shop
Gustav's Ring Shop
Elik`s Edge
Aubert`s Castle Shop

Connects To

Olde Town
Colossus Boulevard

Available Reagents

Deep Mushroom
Mist Wood
Cat Tail
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