Sed Talam

Location: The Oasis, in the "hidden" location.

Gives quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends quest:

Sed Talam's Shop


Item Min Price Max Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Pyromancer's Lambent Hat 2,028 4,340 Gold PyromancersOrangeHatFemale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg PyromancersOrangeHatMale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg
Helm of Composure 1,192 3,351 Gold HelmofComposureFemale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg HelmofComposureMale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg
Sturdy Black Hood 1,781 5,103 Gold SturdyBlackHoodFemale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg SturdyBlackHoodMale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg
Mask of Vision 3,363 6,734 Gold MaskofVisionFemale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg MaskofVisionMale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg
Helm of Imagination 1,988 4,698 Gold HelmofImaginationFemale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg HelmofImaginationMale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg
Hood of the Oracle 1,818 3,188 Gold HoodoftheOracleFemale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg HoodoftheOracleMale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg
Sorcerer's Maroon Hat 1,440 5,640 Gold SorcerersMaroonHatFemale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg SorcerersMaroonHatMale-KrokotopiaHats.jpg


Item Price Currency Image
Kris of Sensibility 2,550 Gold KrisofSensibility-KrokotopiaAthames.jpg
Dirk of Hibernation 2,550 Gold DirkofHibernation-KrokotopiaAthames.jpg
Dagger of the Sunbird 2,550 Gold DaggeroftheSunbird-KrokotopiaAthames.jpg
Polar Shortblade 2,550 Gold PolarShortblade-KrokotopiaAthames.jpg
Kris of the Augur 2,550 Gold KrisoftheAugur-KrokotopiaAthames.jpg
Athame of Tall Tales 2,550 Gold AthameofTallTales-KrokotopiaAthames.jpg
Kris of Ingenuity 2,550 Gold KrisofIngenuity-KrokotopiaAthames.jpg


Item Price Currency Image
Krok 1,515 Gold Krok-KrokotopiaPets.jpg


Item Price Currency Image
Mummified Deck 700 Gold Mummified Deck.png

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