Wizard 101 Wiki

There are 7 Schools of Magic in Wizard 101, which are:

School of Storm
School of Fire
School of Ice
School of Myth
School of Life
School of Death
School of Balance

When you Create a Character you can only choose one school to be in. Your character can never change schools, but all spells from your school are FREE to learn.

You can only train in spells from other schools at the cost of Training Points.

Three new secondary schools of magic, the Schools of Stars, the Moon, and the Sun released with Celestia.

SUN SCHOOL Sun school is about power. Adding power and accuracy to your spells is the purpose of this school. All of the spells are mutate and enchantment spells. Some spells add damage and accuracy while others change the form of your spells. One spell turns a normal Kraken card to an Inferno Kraken card.

MOON SCHOOL Moon magic is about transformation and change. Moon magic introduces the new effect of polymorphing which changes the player. Polymorphs change the player into new creatures entirely. Not only does it change the caster's form but it also swaps his/her spell deck out for that of one of the creature's school. That included the player also inherits the creature's strengths and weaknesses. Such as if you change to a storm creature they gain boosts to their storm damage and resistance but also they boost their opponents myth damage.

STAR SCHOOL Star spells are similar to sun spells. They do add power and accuracy in some of their spells but Star spells deal with a new magic called auras. Auras are a form of buffer. Auras cannot be stacked like other buffers though, you can only have one aura in use at a time. Aura effects vary in many ways. Some auras add damage or accuracy while some convert incoming damage spells into pips or increase the chance to have or block a critical attack.