School Of Life

This is the school room for the School of Life. Inside you will find Moolinda Wu, the trainer for your Life Spells. The Tower Of Life is located opposite, and you may need to visit it for one of your school based quests.


Moolinda Wu


There are no creatures here.This is a neutral location in which you will regain health over time.

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School Description


"As we have been Created, so must we Create."

Life is spirit, the force of awareness and existence.It is about constant growth and movement. Practitioners of Life Magic, known as Theurgists, are positive, enthusiastic people who seek to appreciate the simple pleasures. At times, however, they can be too flighty or frivolous when circumstances demand otherwise. Theurgists use Songs to breathe life and spirit into a vessel.

Unlike other magic, which relies on summoning, coercing or beseeching, Life Magic harnesses the power of the Song of Creation to create something new. Scholars believe that Theurgy channels the tapestry of music from which the Spiral was created, and that in echoing portions of the great symphony, a Wizard can bring forth and create Life where none previously existed.

Life Magic rests between Fire and Storms, for the spark of Life comes from those two forces.

The Life School will train its student wizards to heal themselves and other players. Life Wizards are given the ability to heal themselves the most effectively, as well as the unique ability to heal other players. Combined with this, they do low to moderate damage attack spells with extremely high accuracy rates. They also possess the sole group heal spell.


Life is studied by those who embrace the power of all that is living and strive to perpetuate its life force.
Life removes chaos from the world and creates order to make that which is self-sustaining. Inner peace and discipline are traits of all Theurges.
Under the leadership of Professor Wu, the school colors of green and brown have been adopted, representing the hues of nature. The brightly colored stone known as Jade has become the gemstone of all Theurges.

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