School Of Ice
This is the School of Ice school room, you will find your trainer for all your Ice here. The Tower of Ice is located opposite the school, you may need to visit it during one of your school quests.


Lydia Greyrose


There are no creatures here, this is a neutral location, meaning you will regain health over time spent here.

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School Description

Icon Ice Magic

“. . . with Persistence, Victory is assured.”

Ice Magic is all about persistence, slow but steady progression and advancement, like the great glaciers forever sliding across the landscape. Those who embrace the power of Ice, known as Thaumaturges, exhibit great patience and strength, but as a result they sometimes become rigid and inflexible. Thaumaturges use Chants to bargain or plead with Ice creatures to serve them. The Ice School will train its student wizards to take high amounts of damage and survive. Ice Wizards have the highest natural health points and defenses which enable them to take large amounts of damage without dying. It is very hard to defeat them. A lot of their functional spells have to do with increasing their defenses and absorbing damage. They also have the ability to taunt enemies, which forces the enemy to focus attacks on them. This can come in handy when playing in a group.

Ice Magic has its origins in the great Ice Giants, a race of Titans that built massive castles in the sky in the Days Before.


History of the Ice School - In the beginning there were the Giants who were great in power and ruled the air.
After the Great War with the Dragons and the Tritons, the Giants went into a state of stasis.
But their powers still inhabit our world and it is from this that Ice Magic derives its basis.
And because it is derived from the Giants, Ice Magic will always be more powerful than that of Fire and Storm...
As for today's school, much progress has been made in the teaching of Ice under the tutelage of Professor Greyrose. Under her watch, many new and powerful spells have been added to the school's compendium.
Light blue and white were adopted as the schools colors and the gemstome chosen to represent all Thamaturges is Sapphire.

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