Sagara Samoosuke

Sagara Samoosuke


Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Hat and Robe Shop


Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Male Image Female Image
Druidic Cowl 1061 1861 Gold
Hat Druidic Cowl Male
Hat MS Druidic Cowl Female
Shroud of Scruples 1962 3930 Gold
Hat MS Shroud of Scruples Male
Shroud of Scruples Female
Immersive Cowl 994 2794 Gold
File:Hat MS Immersive Cowl Male.png
Hat MS Immersive Cowl Female
Pupil's Cap 1691 2855 Gold
File:Hat MS Pupil's Cap Male.png
Hat MS Pupil's Cap Female
Cowl of the Quick-Witted 1050 3152 Gold
File:Hat Cowl of the Quick-Witted Male.png
Hat Cowl of the Quick-Witted Female
Ecstatic Headwraps 994 2794 Gold
File:Hat Ecstatic Headwraps Male.png
Hat Ecstatic Headwraps Female
Cap of the Determined 2400 7203 Gold
File:Hat Cap of the Determined Male.png
Hat Cap of the Determined Female
Vexing Cowl 3393 9720 Gold
File:Hat Vexing Cowl Male.png
Hat Vexing Cowl Female
Shroud of Yodels 2424 4251 Gold
File:Hat Shroud of Yodels Male.png
Hat Shroud of Yodels Female
Lyrical Cowl 2651 6264 Gold
File:Hat Lyrical Cowl Male.png
Hat Lyrical Cowl Female
Headwraps of Commotion 4484 8979 Gold
File:Hat Headwraps of Commotion Male.png
Hat Headwraps of Commotion Female
Peculiar Shroud 2271 6384 Gold
File:Hat Peculiar Shroud Male.png
Hat Peculiar Shroud Female
Indulgent Helmet 3863 6523 Gold
File:Hat Indulgent Helmet Male.png
Hat Indulgent Helmet Female
Angelic Helm 1680 1680 Crowns
Angelic Helm Male
Hat MS Angelic Helm Female
Headgear of the Sylph 1680 1680 Crowns
Headgear of the Sylph Male


Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Male Image Female Image
Tunic of the Resolute 2400 7203 Gold
File:Robe Tunic of the Resolute Male.png
Robe Tunic of the Resolute Female
Stressed Robes 3393 9720 Gold
File:Robe Stressed Robes Male.png
Robe Stressed Robes Female
Gogi Berry Stained Robe 2424 4251 Gold
File:Robe Gogi Berry Stained Robe Male.png
Robe Gogi Berry Stained Robe Female
Robe of Discord 4484 8979 Gold
File:Robe Robe of Discord Male.png
Robe Robe of Discord Female
Cloak of Enthusiasm 2271 6384 Gold
File:Robe Cloak of Enthusiasm Male.png
Robe Cloak of Enthusiasm Female
Tunic of Tact 3863 6523 Gold
File:Robe Tunic of Tact Male.png
Robe Tunic of Tact Female
Immersive Cloak 1325 3724 Gold
File:Robe Immersive Cloak Male.png
Robe Immersive Cloak Female
Garments of Sympathy 2254 3805 Gold
File:Robe Garments of Sympathy Male.png
Robe Garments of Sympathy Female
Cloak of Nuisance 2262 6480 Gold
File:Robe Cloak of Nuisance Male.png
Robe Cloak of Nuisance Female
Vigilant Robe 2989 5986 Gold
File:Robe Vigilant Robe Male.png
Robe Vigilant Robe Female
Robe of Music 3534 8352 Gold
File:Robe Robe of Music Male.png
Robe Robe of Music Female
Tunic of Fiery Renewal 3840 3840 Crowns
Nosferatu's Cloak 3840 3840 Crowns
Robe of the Universe 1800 5402 Gold
File:Robe MS Robe of the Universe Male.png
Robe MS Robe of the Universe Female
Robe of Hinderance 2545 7290 Gold
File:Robe MS Robe of Hinderance Male.png
Robe of Hinderance Female
Haskarr's Barbarish Tunic 1988 4698 Gold
Robe MS Haskarr's Barbarish Tunic Male
Robe MS Haskarr's Barbarish Tunic Female

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