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Marleybone - Digmoore Station

Rupert's Recipe Shop


Recipe Price Currency Image
Raiment of the Lost Order 1125 Gold
Cloak of the Harmonious Soul 1125 Gold
Drape of the Missing Answer 1125 Gold
Surcoat of Twin Thunder 1125 Gold
Tunic of the Icy Antithesis 1125 Gold
Robe of Searing Justice 1125 Gold


Recipe Price Currency Image
Cowl of the Lost Order 844 Gold
Hat of the Harmonious Soul 844 Gold
Veil of the Missing Answer 844 Gold
Cowl of Twin Thunder 844 Gold
Hood of the Icy Antithesis 844 Gold
Cap of Searing Justice 844 Gold


Recipe Price Currency Image
Footgear of the Lost Order 675 Gold
Shoes of the Harmonious Soul 675 Gold
Boots of the Missing Answer 675 Gold
Footwraps of Twin Thunder 675 Gold
Shoes of the Icy Antithesis 675 Gold
Boots of Searing Justice 675 Gold

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