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Ravenwood is the school where you learn Magical Arts in Wizard City. The faculty consists of the Headmaster, Merle Ambrose, teachers for each of the six schools of Magic, and a few other staff. The Latin motto for the school, Veneficus Iunctum, En Magus Nos Fides, translates to "Wizards Unite, In Magic We Trust".

The School of Balance has no school room in Ravenwood; (the actual school is in an underground locaton in Krokotopia, with the tree above it) instead the temporary teacher for this school, Arthur Wethersfield, is standing opposite the tunnel to the Commons.

The School of Death is found in Nightside. The temporary teacher for this school is a death student named Malorn Ashthorn, located to the left of the School of Fire.

Additionally, this area has a smith.


Map WC Ravenwood


Bartleby, the Grandfather Tree
Arthur Wethersfield
Torrence, the Storm Tree
Kelvin, the Ice Tree
Bernie, the Fire Tree
Malorn Ashthorn
Ivan, the Myth Tree
Blossom, the Life Tree
Simeon Firemane

Places of Interest

School of Fire
School of Ice
School of Storm
School of Life
School of Myth
Wizard City Spiral Chamber

Connects To


The following are connections through the Spiral Door inside Bartleby:

The Oasis
Regent's Square
Jade Palace
The Basilica
Celestia Base Camp
Pigswick Academy
Baobab Crossroads
The Caliburn

Available Reagents

Mist Wood
Cat Tail
Deep Mushroom
Water Lily
Frost Flower

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