Pixie Queen 57 (Card).png

Type: First Generation Pet

School: Life

Pedigree: 57

Cards: Gives one Fairy Item Card at Baby

Egg Name: Evanescent Egg

Hatch Time: 00:21:00 (Days:Hours:Minutes)

Description: It appears that this pet is NO LONGER DROPPED. So it is a RETIRED drop. If you get the new Pixie Queen, please do not edit this page unless you have the pedigree 57 with card pet! For the Pedigree 29 Pet with No Card, please go this page: Pixie Queen 29 (No Card)

UPDATE: Wyvern's Hoard Pack includes the Pixie 57 pet including the card.

This can also be purchased for gold in Khrysalis (see below)

Default Attribute Limits

Strength: 225 Intellect: 225 Agility: 240 Will: 225 Power: 200

Slot #: Name
Slot 1: Vigilant
Slot 2: Intuitive
Slot 3: Life-Giver
Slot 4: Mana Gift
Slot 5: Life-Proof
Slot 6: Durable
Slot 7: Spirited
Slot 8: Tenacious
Slot 9: Life-Shot
Slot 10: Lifeblade
Derby Abilities:
Slot #: Name
Slot 1: Slick-N-Slide
Slot 2: Bombardier
Slot 3: Big-Check
Slot 4: Dead End
Slot 5: Bananas!
Slot 6: Supercharge
Slot 7: Lock
Slot 8: Eat My Dust
Slot 9: Immunity
Slot 10: Super Hurry


From : Kellen ForestTail - Silent Market - Khrysalis
Amount : 10000

Dropped By:

Reward From:

Liked Snacks:

Ape Grapes
Cherry Tomato
Fairy Cake
Frosted Drakes Cereal
Golden Apple
Golden Biscuit
Golden Grapes
Heavenly Bubblegum
Large Fish
Medium Fish
Rock and Roll Candy
Square Root
Swirled Lollipop
Tiny Fish
Wheat Cracker
Gummy Firecat

Loved Snacks:

Golden Candy Bar
Gummy Humongofrog
Rice Wispies Cereal
Pixie Stix

Looks Like:

Burning Pixie

Unique Hybrid Pets you can Hatch from this Pet:

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