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The Pet Pavilion is the central hub for raising your pets from Baby to Epic status - capable of aiding you in battle. In the Pet Pavilion, you'll find the Pet Hatchery where players can combine pets with other wizards' for numerous combinations. Each pet you recieve from combining will come as an Egg and will hatch at a certain time. The resulting baby pet will have traits from both parents, but will take after one. Pets that you wish to combine must be at least in the Adult stage. Also located in the Pet Pavilion are the Pet Mini Games which are used to train your pets and gain experience. The new pet shop located here is run by The Pet Shoppe Boys. Another pet oriented shop is operated by The West Ende Girls. They sell snacks that help boost your pets stats after each mini-game played.
When your pet reaches the age of Teen it can participate in the Pet Derby races. Ranked and Practice Pet Derby races take place here. Winners in first and second place recieve Arena tickets, but only when participating in a Ranked race. Similar to Arena PvP rank your Pet Derby rank allows you to purchase exclusive items. The Pet Pavilion was released on May 26 2010.

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