Pat O'Gold

Pat O'Gold

Pat O' Gold is a Holiday NPC, she appears for St. Patrick's Day, but was late and arrived a day late (March 19). She stays for a short period of time and then disappears. She sells exclusive items, themed just for the holiday which will not be available after she has left. Just as Valentina Heartsong did, she offer's items for different levels, making them useful for wizards at any game stage rather than the primarily decorative items that had been available for past holidays. Pat O' Gold hold only one pet to sell, Unlike Valentina Heartsong who had two.

Location: Shopping District

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Pat's Weapons

Crown's Only

These items were sold here in March 2009, they may not remain the same for coming years


Item Price Currency
Gold-Stringed Harp300CrownsGold-Stringed Harp
Clover Wand300CrownsClover Wand
Pot O' Gold Wand300CrownsPot O' Gold Wand
Amaranthine Staff300Crowns
Shamrock Scepter300Crowns
Bountiful Wand300Crowns
Wand of the Golden Ward300Crowns
Bounty of the Rainbow300Crowns
Shamrock Harp300Crowns
Lucky Shamrock Wand300Crowns
Shield of the Blessed300Crowns
Wand of Wealth300Crowns
Lucky Shillelagh500Crowns
Leprechaun's Bounty500Crowns
Staff of the Crimson Heart500Crowns
Sacred Shillelagh500Crowns
Scepter of the Red Hart500Crowns
Rainbow's Reward500Crowns
Scepter of the Shield1500Crowns
Charmed Clover Wand1500Crowns
Harp O' The Emerald Isle1500Crowns
Charmed Shamrock Staff2500Crowns


Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency
Lucky Leprechaun1500NACrowns

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