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A Derby Ability for pets in the Derby Races.

Rarity: Uncommon

Effect: -15 Speed to Next Pet Ahead

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Pets that can get Overtake:

Black Spider
Blue Cat Thug
Blue Cyclops
Crystal Spider
Danger Hound
Dark Sprite (Pet)
Diseased Wildclaw (Pet)
Dragon (Pet)
Dream Ghoul
Evil Snowman (Pet)
Fang Bat
Fire Salamander
Firecat (Pet)
Green Cat Thug
Green Ghost
Ice Bird
Imp (Pet)
Krokomummy (Pet)
Leprechaun (Pet)
Life Scarab
Mander (Pet)
Midnight Sprite (Pet)
Myth Sprite
Ninja Pig (Pet)
Stray Piggle
Striped Boar
Sun Bird
Wood Golem

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