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'''School''': Ice
'''School''': Ice
'''Sell Price''': 3 gold
'''Sell Price''':19 at bazzar 3 gold at a vendor
'''Description''': A chunk of Ore
'''Description''': A chunk of Ore

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File:S S Ore.png

Type: Reagent - Harvest

Value : 1

School: Ice

Sell Price:19 at bazzar 3 gold at a vendor

Description: A chunk of Ore

Drops Rare Harvest:


Used in Recipes for the Following:

Balanceblade Treasure Card
Band of Attunement
Band of Incentive
Band of Intuition
Blizzard Treasure Card
Centaur Treasure Card
Changeling Knife
Coruscating Ring
Distract Treasure Card
Drain Health Treasure Card
Draw Health Treasure Card
Draw Power Treasure Card
Evil Snowman Treasure Card
Frost Beetle Treasure Card
Glowing Fancy Lampost
Hydra Treasure Card
Jewel of Identity
Jewel of Instinct
Mercurial Dagger
Ornamental Stepstone
Reshuffle Treasure Card
Ring of Elation
Sap Health Treasure Card
Sap Power Treasure Card
Scarab Treasure Card
Seal of Impetus
Siphon Health Treasure Card
Small Myth Stone Pedestal
Steal Health Treasure Card
Stone Brazier
Take Power Treasure Card
Wall Sconce
Weakness Treasure Card
Wraith Treasure Card
Wyrm-Style Endtable


Wizard City
Dark Cave
Firecat Alley
Sunken City
Haunted Cave
Chamber of Fire
Palace of Fire
The Vault of Ice
The Ironworks
Cave of Solitude
Dragonspyre Academy
Plaza of Conquests
The Atheneum
The Basilica
The Crucible
The Crystal Grove
The Drake Hatchery
The Forum
The Grand Chasm
The Tower Archives
Mirkholm Keep
Vigrid Roughland

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