PreQuest: Sergeant's Orders, Level 5+

Given by: Sergeant Muldoon


Defeat Lady Blackhope
Talk to Sergeant Muldoon

Hand In: Sergeant Muldoon


13 Gold
100 XP
Student Desk

Leads to: (must either be a subscriber or purchase the required areas with

crowns in order to complete all of the following except the Triton Avenue quests)
Continues storyline
A Giant Problem
Putting Out Fires
Triton Avenue
Side Quests
A Task for Sweeney - (from Private Sweeney)
Too Many Trolls - (from Private Sweeney)
The Best Defense... - (from Private Emerson)
Recover the Ring - (from Shelus Gruffheart)
Gotta See Gretta - (from Shelus Gruffheart)

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