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Marleybone - Regent's Square

Gives quest

Ends quest

MB Real Estate & Fine Furnishings

Plant Life

Item Price Currency Image
Bluebonnet Flowerbed 325 Gold Bluebonnet Flowerbed.png
Celandine Flowerbed 400 Gold Celandine Flowerbed.png
Hyacinth Flowerbed 405 Gold Hyacinth Flowerbed.png
Brown Bloom Flowerbed 445 Gold Brown Bloom Flowerbed.png
Square Hedge 680 Gold Square Hedge.png

Wall Hangings

Item Price Currency Image
Short Wall Lamp 345 Gold Short Wall Lamp.png
Wooden Propellor 195 Crowns WoodenPropellor-MarleyboneHouseItem.jpg
Plain Wall Lamp 590 Gold Plain Wall Lamp.png
Cameo of Sherlock Bones 260 Crowns CameoofSherlockBones-MarleyboneHouseItem.jpg
Landscape Painting 750 Gold Landscape Painting.png
Marleybonian Still Life 900 Gold Marleybonian Still Life.png
Ornate Wall Clock 780 Crowns OrnateWallClock-MarleyboneHouseItem.jpg

Wallpaper and Tile

Item Price Currency Image
Irregular Brick Floor 325 Gold Irregular Brick Floor.png
Brickstyle Wood Floor 325 Gold Brickstyle Wood Floor.png
Zigzag Wood Floor 325 Gold Zigzag Wood Floor.png
Rough Stone Wallpaper 375 Gold Rough Stone Wallpaper.png
Arboreal Wallpaper 375 Gold Arboreal Wallpaper.png
Ornate Wallpaper 375 Gold Ornate Wallpaper.png
Red and Gold Wallpaper 375 Gold Red and Gold Wallpaper.png
Metal Floor Grating 385 Gold Metal Floor Grating.png
Slate Blue Wallpaper 400 Gold Slate Blue Wallpaper.png
Geometric Mosaic Tiles 435 Gold Geometric Mosaic Tiles.png
Ironclad Wall Plating 465 Gold Ironclad Wall Plating.png
Red and White Brick Floor 850 Gold Red and White Brick Floor.png
Opal Flagstones 900 Gold Opal Flagstones.png
Slate Brick Wallpaper 925 Gold Slate Brick Wallpaper.png
Coral Brick Wallpaper 925 Gold Coral Brick Wallpaper.png
Opal Wall Tiles 1000 Gold Opal Wall Tiles.png
Starfield Wallpaper 1000 Gold Starfield Wallpaper.png
Granite Tiles 1150 Gold Granite Tiles.png
Wyrmscale Wall Tiles 1250 Gold Wyrmscale Wall Tiles.png


Item Price Currency Image
Street Lamp 700 Gold Street Lamp.png
Dogfish Fountain 650 Crowns DogfishFountain-MarleyboneHouseItem.jpg
Small Starry Tent 2000 Gold Small Starry Tent.png
Model MB Automobile 2430 Crowns ModelMBAutomobile-MarleyboneHouseItem.jpg


Item Price Currency Image
Bar Stool 350 Gold Bar Stool.png
Blocked Wooden Chair 450 Gold Blocked Wooden Chair.png
Ornate Shelving 480 Gold Ornate Shelving.png
Worn Bed 495 Gold Worn Bed.png
Basic Crafting Station 500 Gold Basic Crafting Station.jpg
Piano Bench 500 Gold Piano Bench.png
End Table 500 Gold End Table.png
Oaken Wardrobe 505 Gold Oaken Wardrobe.png
Rough Wooden Table 565 Gold Rough Wooden Table.png
Worn Padded Chair 605 Gold Worn Padded Chair.png
Carved Stone Bench 680 Gold Carved Stone Bench.png
Maple Bookcase 680 Gold Maple Bookcase.png
Lacquered Chair 685 Gold Lacquered Chair.png
High-Backed Chair 725 Gold High-Backed Chair.png
Coffee Table 895 Gold Coffee Table.png
Stone Fireplace 1095 Gold Stone Fireplace.png
Pot-Bellied Stove 1200 Gold Pot-Bellied Stove.png
Wooden Desk 1300 Gold Wooden Desk.png
Dining Table 1450 Gold Dining Table.png
Card Crafting Station 1500 Gold CardCraftingStation-KrokotopiaHouseItem.jpg
Housing Crafting Station 1500 Gold HousingCraftingStation-KrokotopiaHouseItem.jpg
Equipment Crafting Station 1500 Gold EquipmentCraftingStation-KrokotopiaHouseItem.jpg
Settee 1520 Gold Settee.png
Ornate Bed 2250 Gold Ornate Bed.png
Elegant Dining Table 2500 Gold Elegant Dining Table.png
Upright Piano 5000 Gold Upright Piano.png
Grand Piano 15000 Gold Grand Piano.png


Item Price Currency Image
Small Candle 65 Gold SmallCandle-WizardCityHouseItem.jpg
Straight Ladder 195 Gold Straight Ladder.png
Campfire With Kettle 200 Gold Campfire With Kettle.png
Bed Pillow 205 Gold Bed Pillow.png
Black King Chesspiece 250 Gold Black King Chesspiece.png
White King Chesspiece 250 Gold White King Chesspiece.png
Black Knight Chesspiece 250 Gold Black Knight Chesspiece.png
White Knight Chesspiece 250 Gold White Knight Chesspiece.png
Black Pawn Chesspiece 250 Gold Black Pawn Chesspiece.png
White Pawn Chesspiece 250 Gold White Pawn Chesspiece.png
Black Bishop Chesspiece 250 Gold Black Bishop Chesspiece.png
White Bishop Chesspiece 250 Gold White Bishop Chesspiece.png
Black Queen Chesspiece 250 Gold Black Queen Chesspiece.png
White Queen Chesspiece 250 Gold White Queen Chesspiece.png
Black Rook Chesspiece 250 Gold Black Rook Chesspiece.png
White Rook Chesspiece 250 Gold White Rook Chesspiece.png
Crystal Punchbowl 260 Gold Crystal Punchbowl.png
Red Half Rug 460 Gold Red Half Rug.png
Boardgame 655 Gold Boardgame.png
Statue of St. Bernard 560 Crowns StatueofSt.Bernard-MarleyboneHouseItem.jpg


Item Price Currency Image
Statue of St. Bernard 560 Crowns StatueofSt.Bernard-MarleyboneHouseItem.jpg

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