NPC DS Nessa Lightblade


Dragonspyre,The Atheneum

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Nessa's Houseware's

Plant Life

Item Price Currency Image
Burnt Tree 995 Gold
Burnt Tree

Wall Hangings

Item Price Currency Image
Crimson Dragonspyre Banner 530 Crowns

Wallpaper and Tile

Item Price Currency Image
Red and White Brick Floor 850 Gold
Red and White Brick Floor
Opal Flagstones 900 Gold
Opal Flagstones
Coral Brick Wallpaper 925 Gold
Coral Brick Wallpaper
Slate Brick Wallpaper 925 Gold
Slate Brick Wallpaper
Opal Wall Tiles 1000 Gold
Opal Wall Tiles
Granite Tiles 1150 Gold
Granite Tiles
Wyrmscale Wall Tiles 1250 Gold
Wyrmscale Wall Tiles
Underwater Tiling 1300 Gold
Underwater Tiling
Underwater Wallpaper 1500 Gold
Underwater Wallpaper


Item Price Currency Image
Tree Stump 625 Gold
Tree Stump
Broken Column (Dragonspyre) 650 Gold
Broken Column (Dragonspyre)
Claw Fence Segment 675 Gold
Claw Fence Segment
Fallen Pillar 735 Gold
Fallen Pillar
Tall Broken Pillar 890 Gold
Tall Broken Pillar
Dragonspyre Arch 1650 Gold
Dragonspyre Arch
Brazier Post 2500 Gold
Brazier Post
Small Astral Tent 3800 Gold
Small Astral Tent


Item Price Currency Image
Basic Crafting Station 500 Gold
Basic Crafting Station
Equipment Crafting Station 1500 Gold
Housing Crafting Station 1500 Gold
Card Crafting Station 1500 Gold
Gemcutter Table 750 Crowns


Item Price Currency Image
Dragonflame Torch 690 Gold
Dragonflame Torch
Round Statue Base 700 Gold
Round Statue Base
Standing Brazier 750 Gold
Standing Brazier
Battle Standard 385 Crowns
Crystal Storage Rack 1300 Gold
Crystal Storage Rack
Dragonspyre Sarcophagus 660 Crowns

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