Mortis The Death Tree

Mortis is the Death Tree in Nightside. To find him you will have to defeat Lord Nightshade (you must complete a quest for Merle Ambrose). When you defeat Lord Nightshade, he will drop a book. With that book is has the key to Nightside, which is where the Death School is. Nightside is also the place where you can learn the more advanced Death spells from Dworgyn. You will find Mortis to the left of the Death School, directly across from the entrance door. Mortis may have some relation with The Dragonspyre Academy Death Tree.

Location: Nightside

Quest Goal: Mything Persons

Trainable Spells


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Mortis's Recipe Shop

Treasure Card Recipes

Recipe Price Currency
Ghoul Treasure Card 150 Gold
Ghoul Treasure Card
Dark Sprite Treasure Card 50 Gold
Dark Sprite Treasure Card
Death Shield Treasure Card 150 Gold
Death Shield Treasure Card
Dream Shield Treasure Card 350 Gold
Dream Shield Treasure Card
Vampire Treasure Card 550 Gold
Vampire Treasure Card
Banshee Treasure Card 400 Gold
Banshee Treasure Card
Steal Health Treasure Card 500 Gold
Death Trap Treasure Card 350 Gold
Doom and Gloom Treasure Card 400 Gold
Doom and Gloom Treasure Card
Skeletal Pirate Treasure Card 1,000 Gold
Pacify Treasure Card 300 Gold
Pacify Treasure Card
Feint Treasure Card 1,000 Gold
Feint Treasure Card
Wraith Treasure Card 1,200 Gold

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