MooShu is a beautiful land with a rich, deep history.

Full trees, carefully maintained gardens, and tall mountains can be found everywhere in ball park. Although this is a place of knowledge and tradition, there is a great mystery here.

It is home to both the honorable Samoorai as well as the sneaky Ninja Pigs. For some time, there has been peace. Recently, though, the Emperor has taken too much and the ninja pig have risen again to stir up trouble in MooShu. But an even more powerful, mysterious enemy has arrived: the evil Oni demons.


Moo Shu Map.png


People of MooShu


Creatures of MooShu

Places of Interest

Ancient Burial Grounds

Jade Palace

Connects To

Areas of MooShu

Available Reagents

Stone Block

Mist Wood

Cat Tail

Deep Mushroom


Black Lotus

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