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'''[[Schools|School]]''': [[:Category:Fire|Fire]]
'''[[Rank]]''': 4
'''Accuracy''': 75%
'''Type''': [[:Category:Damage|Damage]]
'''Description''': 305-345 [[:Category:Fire|Fire]] [[Damage]] to all enemies
'''Arena Strength''':
'''Received From''': Training with [[Dalia Falmea]]
:*[[Fire Cat]]
:*[[Fire Elf]]
:*[[Glacial Shield]]
:*[[Fire Trap]]
:Level: 22
:[[Training Points]]*: 1
<small><tt>*</tt>[[Training Points]] are only required if you do not belong to the [[Schools|School]] of that spell. If you belong to the [[Schools|School]], the spell is FREE.</small>
'''Prerequisite for''':

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