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Lord Nightshade is the strongest boss in Wizard City in the main quest line. He was influenced by Malistaire to control the undead of Wizard City and destroy it. He resides in Stormdrain Tower, located at the end of the Haunted Cave.He also gives you the badge "Wizard City Protector".

Lord Nightshade is, without a doubt, the most difficult boss to defeat in Wizard City (excluding Sunken City, and Briskbreeze Tower). Lord Nightshade is a Death School Creature, so Death Wizards will have an extremely hard time defeating him alone, as he has a solid resistance to Death Spells and since Death Wizards can't get the Death Prism spell normally until after they defeat Lord Nightshade and gain access to Nightside.

If you go in with one person (yourself), it is only one minion, while if you go in with buddies, it is a full battle.

Speech: "Wizard, I am having a vision... I foresee darkness descending upon you. .. Let us seal your fate".

NOTE: A number of the items Lord Nightshade drops are holiday items. He has dropped these items in the past, all of these items are possible if you try hard enough but holiday may not be dropped any day, but crown items can.

Lord Nightshade at a Glance:
Lord Nightshade.png
Rank: 3 Boss
Health: 690
Creature Class: Undead
School: Death School Creatures
Boost: 20% boost to Life.png
Resist: 50% resist to Death.png
Physical Attack: Deals 85 Death.png damage per pip.
Minion: Field Guard
Location: Wizard City- Haunted Cave - Stormdrain Tower

Spells Known

Fire Elf.png

Death Trap.png

Dark Sprite.png



Frost Beetle.png

Snow Serpent.png

Items Dropped

Antique Helm
Augmented Mantle
Boo Pumpkin Mask
Charged Cover
Cloudburst Helm
Cool Pumpkin Mask
Cyclops Pumpkin Mask
Fur-Lined Hood
Hallowe'en Hat
Happy Pumpkin Mask
Hardened Cap
Helm of Nightmares
Helm of Supremacy
Helm of Tales
Hood of Storms
Imp Lord's Helm
Midsummer's Cowl
Nightshade's Cowl
Nightshade's Hood
Ninja Pig Hat
Pirate Pumpkin Mask
Plain Pumpkin Mask
Scary Pumpkin Mask
Veil of Sparks
Venomous Cowl
Vrixx's Verdant Cowl
Jacket of Withstanding
Charged Coat
Fireguard Robe
Frost Wolf Cloak
Hallowed Robes
Healer's Vestment
Jacket of Withstanding
Lord Nightshade's Cloak
Lord Nightshade's Robe
Martyr's Raiment
Ninja Pig Robe
Robe of Embers
Robe of Horror
Robe of Savvy
Robe of the Lifeblood
Roughspun Robe
Sapphyra's Vestment
Scholarly Robes
Senior Novice's Robe
Soot Stained Tunic
Stormcaller's Robe
Stormforged Mantle
Trollskin Cloak
Tunic of Disturbance
Vestment of Essence
Vestment of Tremors
Antique Footguards
Boots of Embers
Boots of Obstruction
Branded Footguards
Cloudburst Wraps
Goldleaf Shoes
Hallowe'en Shoes
Hardened Boots
Lord Nightshade's Boots
Nightshade's Shoes
Ninja Pig Shoes
Shoes of the Troll King
Stormforged Boots
Symmetrical Shoes
Trollskin Boots
Watchtower Boots
Antiquated Wand
Branded Wand
Candy Wand
Charged Wand
Clover Wand
Floppy-Eared Wand
Gold-Stringed Harp
Hatchling Wand
Pot O' Gold Wand
Sad Pumpkin Staff
Silly Pumpkin Staff
Spring Egg Wand
Witch's Broom
Heartbow Scepter
Roseate Wand
Antiquated Knife
Branded Dagger
Charged Kris
Dagger of Repose
Dulled Athame
Fairy's Athame
Fine Dagger
Honed Athame
Insulated Dirk
Reaper's Athame
Symmetrical Dirk
Sturdy Blade
Elven Pendant
Nightshade's Choker
Fine Jade Ring
Hallowed Band
Ring of Compassion
Antique Deck
Black Cat
Blue Banshee
Midnight Sprite
Brain Jar
Dark Wood Crate
Frozen Pedestal
Large Cypress Tree
Nightshade's Bones
Plain Wooden Table
Prop Mountains 2
Royal Sofa
Treasure Cards:
Blood Bat
Dark Sprite
Death Trap
Fire Cat
Fire Elf
Fire Shield
Frost Beetle
Guiding Light
Lightning Bats
Locust Swarm
Lord Nightshade
Myth Shield
Snow Serpent
Snow Shield
Storm Shield
Thunder Snake
Keen Eyes
Leather Straps
Blonde Strawberry
Cheese Broccoli
Chocolate Strawberry
Gummy Firecat
Sugar Donut
Bat Wings (24 Hours)
Black Stallion (24 Hours)
Chestnut Pony (24 Hours)
Enchanted Broom (24 Hours)
Horned Sweeper (24 Hours)
Purple Glider (24 Hours)
Seraph Wings (24 Hours)
Starlight Pony (24 Hours)
Swiftshadow Wings (24 Hours)
White Mare (24 Hours)

Quest Appearances

The Dark of Nightshade

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