Wizard 101 Game Homepage

Wizard 101 Homepage is where you will find links to making an account, buying crowns, video's, recent announcements and more.

Buy Crowns

Here you can buy crowns for premium items on the game.You can spend crowns on holiday stuff, for stuff from Zeke in the Commons, and you can buy items in the crowns shop on the upper left corner of your screen.


Wizard 101 Central

The forum complete with a wiki and blogs for all things Wizard 101. Wizard101 Central is a fun community fansite and forum where you can get tips, make new friends, get help, read guides and talk about our favorite game, Wizard101! There is also a PvP area where all the best PvP players in the game to go head-to-head.


West Karana

Has an excellent blog, covering a lot of observations on end game content in a fun, entertaining to read and informative manner.

The Friendly Necromancer

Tales from a dad (Thomas Lionblood) and two kids (Amber Deathsong and Kyle Skystaff) playing Wizard 101, an MMO from KingsIsle Entertainment. Read it here

Valerian's School For Wayward Wizards

Tips for game-play, fun, videos, codes and wallpaper from Valerian Nightbringer and friends. Check out some fun firsts including the first virtual play recorded in MMORPG and interviews with Warlord top 100 duelists Valerian's School

Evil Theurgists

A blog about an Evil Theurgist and his adventures through Kingsisle's MMO Wizard101.

Stay Connected

Dark Ward Alliance

The Dark Ward Alliance is a community site that like Diary of a Wizard below has it's own chats, blogs, pictures, and videos. The slogan of the site is "Where the members are the story..."

Diary of a Wizard ConnectX

Wizard101 ConnectX is a great site in the Wizard101 community. It features blogs, pictures and videos related to the Wizard101 game, the ability to create friendships and join groups, forums, and, best of all a live chat feature! There are also several free to play games to play while you're not playing wizard101. Using Wizard101 ConnectX is very simple and involves almost no coding.




A game on the iPhone that lets you win real gold to use in the Wizard101 game!

Fan Wiki

Wizard 101 Fan Wiki

Check out an alternate Fan Wiki!


Wizard 101 Damage Calculator

Learn how to best use your traps and blades, or just do a last minute damage calculation while you are in battle. Wizard101 Damage!

Deck Building

This page is a quick run down on how deck building works Wizard 101 – Deck Building for Beginners

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