Katsuko Mukai
MooShu - Hametsu Village
Gives quest
Ends quest

Katsuko Mukai's Recipe Shop


Recipe Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Brighthonor Mantle1,125Gold 100px Brighthonor Mantle Male
Grimblaze Cowl1,125Gold 100px Grimblaze Cowl Male
Fireleaf Cap1,125Gold 100px Fireleaf Cap Male
Embermuse Hat1,125Gold 100px Embermuse Hat Male
Dreambrand Headwrap1,125Gold 100px Dreambrand Headwrap Male
Winterflame Hood1,125Gold 100px Winterflame Hood Male


Recipe Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Brighthonor Raiment1,500Gold 100px Brighthonor Raiment Male
Grimblaze Vestment1,500Gold 100px Grimblaze Vestment Male
Fireleaf Clothing1,500Gold 100px Fireleaf Clothing Male
Embermuse Robe1,500Gold 100px Embermuse Robe Male
Dreambrand Longcoat1,500Gold 100px Dreambrand Longcoat Male
Winterflame Cloak1,500Gold 100px Winterflame Cloak Male


Recipe Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Brighthonor Boots900Gold 100px Brighthonor Boots Male
Grimblaze Sandals900Gold 100px Grimblaze Sandals Male
Fireleaf Footwear900Gold 100px Fireleaf Footwear Male
Embermuse Shoes900Gold 100px Embermuse Shoes Male
Dreambrand Footwraps900Gold 100px Dreambrand Footwraps Male
Winterflame Boots~~900Gold 100px Winteflame Boots Male

~~Winterflame Boots is spelled Winteflame Boots in-game. Being that the hat and robe are both spelled Winterflame, this is assumed to be a typo.

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