Joseph Lydon


Marleybone,Regent's Square

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Lady Labrador's Athames


Item Price Currency Image
Athame of the Sleuth 595 Gold
Athame of the Sleuth
Athame of Chivalry 1700 Gold
Athame of Chivalry
Bobby's Dirk 3124 Gold
Bobby's Dirk
Commoner's Stiletto 3124 Gold
Commoner's Stiletto
Dagger of Intensity 3124 Gold
Dagger of Intensity
Mysterious Shortblade 3124 Gold
Mysterious Shortblade
Medic's Stiletto 3124 Gold
Medic's Stiletto
Icy Dagger 3124 Gold
Icy Dagger
Singed Dirk 3124 Gold
Singed Dirk
Phobic Dagger 3124 Gold
Phobic Dagger
Stable Stiletto 3124 Gold
Stable Stiletto
Galvanic Glaive 480 Crown
Charged Knife 480 Crown

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