Ice Hound Pet.png

Type: Hybrid Pet

School: Ice

Pedigree: varies based on what abilities they inherit from their parents.

Cards:Gives one Ice Hound Item Card at Epic

Egg Name: Frost-shelled Egg, and Mysterious Egg (in recent updates),Chimerical egg

Hatch Time: 1:00:00 (Days:Hours:Minutes)

Description: This pet is a Hatched Pet! If you have the Ice Hound (Retired) please go to that page instead! Since recent updates, the hybrid combination may give an Orthrus (Spell) item card at Baby.

Default Attribute Limits: may be variable include range if known

Strength: 215/250 Intellect: 250/250 Agility: 250/100 Will: 240/200 Power: 250/250

Talents and Derby Abilities: variable and inherited from the parents

Parent Set 1:

Ice Colossus (Pet)
Orthrus (Pet)

Parent Set 2:

Hydra (Pet)
Wraith (Pet)

Liked Snacks:

Goat Cheese
Golden Squash
Medium Pretzel
Dragonhorned Melon
Cubby Broccoli
Large Ice Cream
Rock Candy
Golden Peanut

Loved Snacks:

Frosted Drakes Cereal
Caramel Popcorn
Fancy Yogurt

Looks Like:

Heckhound (Pet)
Inferno Hound
Storm Hound
Ghost Hound
Danger Hound

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