Himoora Kenshin


MooShu,Jade Palace

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

MooShu Weapon Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Meditative Wand 2700 Gold
Meditative Wand.png
Wand of Contemplation 2700 Gold
Wand of Contemplation.png
Staff of Deep Thought 2700 Gold
Staff of Deep Thought.png
Wand of Introspection 2700 Gold
Wand of Introspection.png
Wand of Reflection 2700 Gold
Wand of Reflection.png
Brooding Wand 2700 Gold
Brooding Wand.png
Wand of the Universe 2700 Gold
Wand of the Universe.png


Item Price Currency Image
Dirk of Brainwork 1275 Gold
Dirk of Brainwork.png
Dagger of Soul-Searching 2975 Gold
Dagger of Soul-Searching.png
Student's Shortblade 3400 Gold
Student's Shortblade.png
Kris of the Introverted 6694 Gold
Kris of the Introverted.png
Dagger of Forethought 6694 Gold
Ath MS Dagger of Forethought.png
Knife of Egoism 6694 Gold
Knife of Egoism.png
Careful Athame 6694 Gold
Careful Athame.png
Shortsword of Ambition 6694 Gold
Shortsword of Ambition.png
Philosopher's Athame 6694 Gold
Philosopher's Athame.png
Shortblade of the Muse 6694 Gold
Shortblade of the Muse.png
Bodkin of the Hearty 595 Crowns
Surgeon's Scalpel 595 Crowns

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