Gustav Copperflame WC Ring Shopkkeeper

Pretty pieces to assist in the casting of magics, designed to suit every school's ornamental needs.


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Gustav's Ring Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Flawed Opal Band 23 Gold
Flawed Opal Band
Flawed Pearl Ring 23 Gold
Simple Ruby Ring 270 Gold
Simple Ruby Ring
Simple Sapphire Ring 270 Gold
Simple Sapphire Ring
Simple Amethyst Ring 270 Gold
Simple Amethyst Ring
Simple Peridot Ring 270 Gold
Simple Peridot Ring
Simple Jade Ring 270 Gold
Simple Jade Ring
Simple Onyx Ring 270 Gold
Simple Onyx Ring
Simple Citrine Ring 270 Gold
Simple Citrine Ring
Lapis Circle 3000 Gold
Lapis Circle
Ring of Dependability 3000 Gold
Ring of Dependability
Ring of Refreshment 270 Crowns
Ring of Refreshment
Band of Purpose 260 Crowns
Band of Purpose

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