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Give 'Em Another Round Part 1
Give 'Em Another Round Part 2
Give 'Em Another Round Part 3
Give 'Em Another Round Part 4

Requirement: Payback

Given by: Lieutenant Standish


Akori Nirini
Shai Nirini
Edo Nirini
Nebit Nirini

Hand In: Lieutenant Standish


86 Gold
600 XP
Raised Ice Sarcophagus
Athame according to School
Balance: Shortblade of the Bastion
Death: Cryptkeeper's Shortblade
Fire: Scorching Shortblade
Ice: Shortblade of the Oasis
Life: Shortblade of Refuge
Myth: Shortblade of the Mirage
Storm: Shortblade of the Skies

Leads to:

Back to Winthrop - continues storyline
Updating the News - (from Zan'ne) - side quest

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