Gisele Moonbow

Gisele Moonbow is a Pet Vendor located in the Shopping District.

Location: Pet Shop, Shopping District, Wizard City

Gives quest


Ends quest


Wizard City Pet Shop


Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Image
Imp 250 Gold.png 250 Gold.png Gold Imp (Pet).png
Bloodbat 250 Gold.png 250 Gold.png Gold Bloodbat (Pet).png
Piggle 350 Gold.png 350Gold.png Gold Piggle.png
Dragon 450 Gold.png 450Gold.png Gold Dragon (Pet).png
Unicorn 450 Gold.png 450 Gold.png Gold Unicorn (Pet).png
Firecat 350 Gold.png 350 Gold.png Gold Firecat (Pet).png
Myth Ghoul 750 Crown.png 750 Crown.png Crowns MythGhoul-WizardCityPets.jpg
Dream Ghoul 1490 Crown.png 1490 Crown.png Crowns DreamGhoul-WizardCityPets.jpg
Lava Spider 1490 Crown.png 1490 Crown.png Crowns The Lava Spider.jpg
Magma Spider 2440 Crown.png 2440 Crown.png Crowns MagmaSpider-WizardCityPets.jpg
Death Leprechaun 4660 Crown.png 4660 Crown.png Crowns DeathLeprechaun-WizardCityPets.jpg
Earth Walker 10280 Crown.png 10280 Crown.png Crowns Earth Walker.png
Jade Oni 7430 Crown.png 7430 Crown.png Crowns Jadeonipet.png
Storm Hound 14960 Crown.png 14960 Crown.png Crowns StormHound.jpg
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