Gaius Silverthistle is a Hat Vendor located in the Shopping District.

Gaius Silverthistle WC Hat Shopkeeper


Shopping District, Wizard City

Gives Quest:


Ends Quest:


Gaius' Hat Shop

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Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Male Female
Challenger's Helm 12 Gold 48 Gold Gold
Hat Challenger's Helm Male
Hat Challenger's Helm Female
Shroud of Audacity 21 Gold 62 Gold Gold
Hat Shroud of Audacity Male
Hat Shroud of Audacity Female
Resistive Mask 15 Gold 27 Gold Gold
Hat Resistive Mask Male
Hat Resistive Mask Female
Proactive Cowl 14 Gold 40 Gold Gold
Hat Proactive Cowl Male
Hat Proactive Cowl Female
Soft Hood 12 Gold 62 Gold Gold
Soft Hood Male
Hat Soft Hood Female
Hat of Mutiny 34 Gold 79 Gold Gold
Hat Hat of Mutiny Male
Hat Hat of Mutiny Female
Cap of the Aggressor 49 Gold 105 Gold Gold
Hat Cap of the Aggressor Male
Hat Cap of the Aggressor Female
Helm of Daring 169 Gold 338 Gold Gold
Hat Helm of Daring Male
Hat Helm of Daring Female
Cap of Advantages 72 Gold 366 Gold Gold
Hat Cap of Advantages Male
Hat Cap of Advantages Female
Helm of Audacity 170 Gold 479 Gold Gold
Hat Helm of Audacity Male
Hat Helm of Audacity Female
Khaki Cap 216 Gold 847 Gold Gold
Hat Khaki Cap Male
Hat Khaki Cap Female
Cowl of Calamity 382 Gold 1095 Gold Gold
Hat Cowl of Calamity Male
Hat Cowl of Calamity Female
Hat of Hardiness 273 Gold 479 Gold Gold
Hat Hat of Hardiness Male
Hat Hat of Hardiness Female
Ancient Helm 299 Gold 706 Gold Gold
Hat Ancient Helm Male
Hat Ancient Helm Female
Fortuitous Cap 256 Gold 719 Gold Gold
Hat Fortuitous Cap Male
Hat Fortuitous Cap Female
Branded Helm 435 Gold 931 Gold Gold
Hat Branded Helm Male
Hat Branded Helm Female
Cowl of the Spider 192 Gold 972 Gold Gold
Hat Cowl of the Spider Male
Hat Cowl of the Spider Female
Gustshroud 448 Gold 898 Gold Gold
Hat Gustshroud Male
Hat Gustshroud Female
Veil of Sparks 960 Crowns 960 Crowns Crowns
Veil of Sparks Male
Midsummer's Cowl 960 Crowns 960 Crowns Crowns
Hat WC Midsummer's Cowl Male
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