If you have been playing with another Wizard and would like to become their friends, you can request to add them to your friends list.

To make new friends, click on a player in the game. A panel will open and you can click 'Add to Friends'.

You can have up to 100 friends on this list!

If the other person wants to accept the friend request, they will click yes and you will both be added to each other's friends list.

You will also receive a pop-up panel when someone wants to be friends with you, click yes and you will be added to each others friend list.

To see your friend list, find the Friends Icon in the upper right corner of your game window. Click on it to open the following panel.

Names in yellow are friends online.
Names in gray are friends offline

When you select a friend from your list, a panel will open showing you all the ways you can interact with that friend.

You can use Text Chat to chat to your friends no matter where they are on the Spiral!


You can inspect other players to see what kind of equipment they are wearing as well as some of their statistics. To do this, click on any wizard and then on the top right corner of your screen click on the arrow pointing to the left in the Friend box.

Now you can scroll over the different items to see what they are wearing in each equipment slot. If you tab over to the next inspecting page by clicking the right arrow, you will be able to see such stats as their: level, health, mana, resistances, power pip %, and damage increases. Friends


When you select a friend from your Friends list, one of the options is to "Go to Location".

This means you can teleport to your friend, but be careful, your friend may be in a high level area that you are not prepared for! It's always nice to ask your friend first if you can teleport to them.

To teleport to your friend, simply click on the "Go to Location" button and this window will open.

True Friend Code

If you know someone outside of Wizard101, you can share a True Friend Code with them. This will enable you to talk to them directly, similar to the Text Chat. To generate a True Friend code, select your online friend from the menu, and click "True Friend". A window will open allowing you to get a code.

Email or give your friend the code and next time you meet up in game, they can enter the code to be your True Friend.

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