Since they added the new Watchtower castle that can now be crafted , would be nice if we had a catagory link on the left side of page going Crafting>Vendors>Grizzleheim. I think I updated all the other pages for the vendor and what recipes he sells. someone might want to double check all of that . I am new to this type of wiki editing with templates, and catagories , but I think I got it all . MsSandy121 19:44, July 31, 2010 (UTC)
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  • Also was thinking maybe we could have another link from NPC>All Vendors> to include pet snack vendors?
  • Following these subs from left too.. NPC> All vendors>Crafting vendors... can we remove the recipe vendor sub , since they are all recipe vendors ? Might also want to add a sub from NPC>All NPC>ALL Vendors > Crafting Vendors> to include pet snack recipe vendors?
  • or maybe have a better way to organzie all those subs from the left? It can just get confusing sometimes to find what you are looking for.
  • Thanks for including the stub page on the left. any way to find created pages that link to no other pages ?

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