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The Links under: Items -> Decks -> Level X+ Decks -> *School* Decks Are not correct.

They currently link to an empty page named example: Level 25+ Death Decks While the actual page with the content is named: Level 25+ Death School Decks

I dunno how I can edit this so the links are correct, can you give me an indication on how to do this? Or get someone with more editing rights to fix this?

Cheers Steg1980

Due to your current rights you don't have permission to edit this. Only sysops may edit the sidebar. I think I fixed it all (thank god for find and replace on microsoft word)

Thanks for finding this problem!

--Potroast42 21:55, January 5, 2010 (UTC)

Currently I am at work so I can't really check it, but no problem.. It's my legacy I have from my work as a software tester.. And I have seen many a website from companies to test so if I notice something like this then I'll make a note.

I'm not familiar with the setup possibilities of a wiki though, but maybe a sitemap would be handy to have aswell, faster navigation possible and also a nice reference to check againt to see if the structure of the website is correct.

Maybe i could setup something for this aswell and possibly also setup a crude test scheme to make sure things keep working on this site.



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