I finished off all of the transmute recipes yesterday. They now have a link to vendor , the cost updated along with crafting level and ingrdients. I removed the stone block in the ingredient list and replaced it with the stone block (reagent) link. They are also all formatted the same way , even the line breaks. I also added a new catagory to them , "recipe" so maybe , just maybe people can find them . There has been no other way of finding them other than to type it in search , with that being said , can I get it added to the sidebar Crafting>Recipes> Transmute ? If possible ..also Crafting > Recipes > Housing with Housing containing Decoration , Furniture , Outdoor , Wall hanging ? These 4 sub catagories already exist , they just need it all linked from the left sidebar. Would also suggest in Housing to add Castles , since we can now craft castles. We only have the one now , but never know , they might start adding more Still would like a link in there to find snack recipes. Personally , I like to craft my own treats for my pets , sure othes do too. No easy way to find the snack recipes.
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Thanks for all you help MsSandy, we really appreciated it. ErinEmeraldflame 20:04, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

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