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MooShu,Jade Palace

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

MooShu Accessory Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Goat Monk 6150 Gold
Goat Monk (Pet).png
Ninja Pig (Pet) 5000 Gold
Ninja Pig (Pet).png
Brown Spider 6150 Gold
Brown Spider (Pet).png


Item Price Currency Image
Deck of Prudence 1050 Gold
Deck of Prudence.png
Deck of Forethought 1050 Gold
Deck of Forethought.png
Philosopher's Deck 1050 Gold
Philosopher's Deck.png
Deck of Ambition 1050 Gold
Deck of Ambition.png
Deck of the Muse 1050 Gold
Deck of the Muse.png
Deck of Deliberation 1050 Gold
Deck of Deliberation.png
Deck of Intent 1050 Gold
Deck of Intent.png
Deck of Egoism 1050 Gold
Deck of Egoism.png

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