Felix Navidad

Felix Navidad

Felix Navidad is a Holiday NPC who appears for annually for Christmas. He sells exclusive items, themed just for the holiday which will not be available after he has left. Felix offers just any level, any school wands that come with 6 Ice Shard Item Cards. These wands can not be auctioned and are available for crowns only. In addition, Felix has a full Santa outfit (Hat, Robe, Boots) available for crowns.

Location: Shopping District

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Felix' Items

Crowns Only

These items were sold in December every year and will remain the same with same price for coming years


Item Price Currency Image
Santa Hat750CrownsSanta Hat


Item Price Currency Image
Santa Robe1500CrownsSanta Robe


Item Price Currency Image
Santa Boots250CrownsSanta Boots


Item Price Currency Image
Candle Wand300Crowns100px
Candy Wand300Crowns100px
Gingerbread Wand300Crowns100px
Nutcracker Wand300Crowns100px
Sweet Staff300Crowns100px
Mint Staff300Crowns100px
Ornamental Paper Staff300Crowns100px
Star Staff300Crowns100px


Item Price Currency Image
Christmas Elf1500CrownsChristmas Elf
Yuletide Spirit3000Crowns
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