Felicia Worthington in Marleybone


Regent's Square

Gives quest

Craft Services
Who Do the Mooshu?

Ends quest

Marleybone Calling
Craft Services

Felicia Worthington's Recipe Shop


Recipe Price Currency Image
Spine of the Dragon 319 Gold
Spine of the Dragon
Horn of the Unicorn 638 Gold
Horn of the Unicorn
Tooth of the Serpent 319 Gold
Tooth of the Serpent
Stinger of the Scorpion 638 Gold
File:Stinger of the Scorpion.png


Recipe Price Currency Image
Constellation Jewel 675 Gold
File:Constellation Jewel.png
Seal of Might 338 Gold
Seal of Might
Band of Quintessence 338 Gold
Band of Quintessence
Signet of Aptitude 675 Gold
Signet of Aptitude

Wall Hangings

Recipe Price Currency Image
Blue Wall Tapestry 685 Gold
Blue Wall Tapestry
Framed Oasis Photo 770 Gold
Framed Oasis Photo


Recipe Price Currency Image
Arched Tombstone 700 Gold
Arched Tombstone
Pavillion 775 Gold


Recipe Price Currency Image
Female Mannequin 5,000 Gold
Female Mannequin
Male Mannequin 5,000 Gold
Male Mannequin
Horned Endtable 640 Gold
Horned Endtable
Peaked Chair 690 Gold
Peaked Chair
Arch-Backed Chair 725 Gold
Arch-Backed Chair
Square-Backed Chair 685 Gold
Square-Backed Chair
Vault-Backed Chair 735 Gold
Vault-Backed Chair
Wyrm-Footed Bookshelf 785 Gold
Wyrm-Footed Bookshelf
Crimson Scroll Stand 710 Gold
Crimson Scroll Stand
Weapon Rack 695 Gold
Weapon Rack
Torii-Backed Chair 765 Gold
Torii-Backed Chair
Exquisite Dining Table 795 Gold
Exquisite Dining Table
Carved Bookshelf 680 Gold
Carved Bookshelf


Recipe Price Currency Image
Round Stone Column 780 Gold
Round Stone Column
Ringed Rug 765 Gold
Ringed Rug
Alchemy 101 650 Gold
Alchemy 101


Recipe Price Currency Image
Transmute Bronze Gear 150 Gold
Transmute Diamond 200 Gold
Transmute Spring 400 Gold
Transmute Scrap Iron 300 Gold
Scrap Iron

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