Experience in Wizard 101 is gained two ways: 1) By completing quests and 2) by simply dueling (not including Player versus Player). When a character gains enough Experience, or XP, he or she increases in level. See the Experience Chart for how much experience you need to go up levels and the Level Chart to see how much Health and Mana and Power Pip Chance you get for going up levels.

Experience from Quests

Most Quests have a specific amount of XP which is awarded on completion of the quest. This value does not change. The goals of a quest may involve defeating a specific enemy, speaking to an NPC, finding an item or place, or a combination of many goals.

Experience from Dueling

Every time you duel creatures and bosses, you can gain XP from the duel. The amount of XP you get is very easy to figure out and does not change regardless of your location, school, level, or any other factors.

Players earn 3 XP for each pip used in a fight.

That is, if you add up the pips on the cards you play and multiply by 3, that's the experience you gain.

Important notes:

  • You only receive experience upon victory in a duel.
  • If you flee a duel and return (e.g., by porting to a friend), you will only receive experience based on the spells you used from the time you returned.
  • For the purpose of calculating experience, both 0-pip spells (e.g., blades, traps, wand spells) and X-pip spells (e.g., Tempest, Judgement) count as 1-pip spells and give 3 XP each.
  • Spells that fizzle do award experience, as do healing spells, even those that take effect after the duel ends.
  • Passing gains no experience.

Thus it is conceivable that a player could use a combination of healing spells and Reshuffle to enter a very long fight to earn a lot of experience (until you run out of Mana).

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