Wizard 101 Wiki

Experience in Wizard 101 is gained two ways: By completing quests and simply by dueling. When a character gains enough XP, he increases in level.

Experience from quests

Every quest has a specific amount of XP associated with it. It does not change. A character earns the XP upon successful completion, which may involve defeating a specific enemy, speaking to an NPC, or some combination.

Experience from dueling

The formula for gaining experience from a duel is fairly straightforward, and does not change regardless of location, school, level, etc.

Players earn 3 XP for each pip used in a fight.

That is, if you add up the pips on the cards you play and multiply by 3, that's the experience you gain.

Important caveats and notes:

  • You only receive experience upon victory in a duel.
  • If you flee a duel and return (e.g., by porting to a friend), you will only receive experience based on the spells you used from the time you returned.
  • For the purpose of calculating experience, both 0-pip spells (e.g., blades, traps, wand spells) and X-pip spells (e.g., Tempest, Judgement) count as 1-pip spells and give 3 XP each.
  • Spells that fizzle do award experience, as do healing spells, even those that take effect after the duel ends.
  • Passing gains no experience. Obvious, but people ask.

Thus it is conceivable that a player could use a combination of healing spells and Reshuffle to enter an infinite fight and earn infinite experience.