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Eudora Tangletree


Wizard City - Olde Town

Gives quest

Wizards in the Mist
The Razor's Edge
Krok Watcher

Ends quest

Wizards in the Mist
The Razor's Edge

Eudora's Recipes

Note: each recipe need only be purchased once to craft an item.


Item Price Currency Image
Knife of Amendment 96 Gold
Knife of Amendment.jpg
Stiletto of Prowess 96 Gold
Conundrum Blade 96 Gold
Conundrum Blade.jpg
Dagger of Absolution 64 Gold
Dagger of Absolution.jpg


Item Price Currency Image
Coruscating Ring 101 Gold Coruscating Ring.jpg
Jewel of Identity 68 Gold CRing Jewel of Identity.jpg
Band of Attunement 101 Gold CRing Band of Attunement.jpg
Ring of Elation 68 Gold CRing Ring of Elation.jpg


Wall Hanging

Recipe Price Currency Image
Wall Sconce 165 Gold Wall Sconce.jpg


Recipe Price Currency Image
Stone Wall Segment 190 Gold CH Stone Wall Segment.jpg
Chipped Wood 153 Gold ChipedWood.jpg
Moon Banner 213 Gold MoonBanner.jpg
Directional Arrows 160 Gold DerectionalArrows.jpg
Bolted Boards 133 Gold BoltedBoards.jpg
Broken Plank 105 Gold BrokenPlank.jpg
Small Myth Stone Pedestal 143 Gold



Recipe Price Currency Image
Red Foodcart 208 Gold Red Foodcart.jpg


Recipe Price Currency Image
Low Statue Base 183 Gold CH Low Statue Base.jpg
Stack of Paper 193 Gold CH Stack of Paper.jpg
Stack of Wood Planks 138 Gold Stack of Wood Planks.jpg
Water Bucket 125 Gold WaterBucket.jpg

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