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Location: Grizzleheim - Northguard

Gives quest

Ends quest

Eskil's Fine Weapons


Item Price Currency Image
Fulminating Wand 2400 Gold
Fulminating Wand.png
Frostwrought Wand 2400 Gold
Frostwrought Wand.png
Maelstrom's Wand 2400 Gold
Maelstrom's Wand.png
Mystifying Wand 2400 Gold
Mystifying Wand.png
Wand of Haleness 2400 Gold
Wand of Haleness.png
Desolation Wand 2400 Gold
Desolation Wand.png
Wand of Requlation 2400 Gold
Wand of Requlation.png


Item Price Currency Image
Glyphcarver 680 Gold
Iceshadow's Athame 1042 Gold
Iceshadow's Athame.png
Bodkin of Fury 1042 Gold
Bodkin of Fury.png
Poniard of the Last Rune 4463 Gold
Poniard of the Last Rune.png
Bodkin of Battlefrenzy 1913 Gold
Bodkin of Battlefrenzy.png

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