Elowyn Frostmantle

Sells a variety of decks to suit every school, ranging in size and price to suit even the most discerning Initiates tastes.

Location: Wizard City - Shopping District

Gives quest

Hanging In There

Goal in quest

Ends quest

Shop Shop 'Til You Drop

Elowyn's Deck Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Starter Deck6GoldStarter Deck
Pinewood Deck105GoldPinewood Deck
Novice Fire Deck560GoldNovice Fire Deck
Novice Ice Deck560GoldNovice Ice Deck
Novice Storm Deck560GoldNovice Storm Deck
Novice Life Deck560GoldNovice Life Deck
Novice Myth Deck560GoldNovice Myth Deck
Novice Death Deck560GoldNovice Death Deck
Novice Balance Deck560GoldNovice Balance Deck

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