Eggbert is a Holiday NPC, he appears for Easter (April 13th). He sells exclusive items, themed just for the holiday which will not be available after he has left. Eggbert like the other Holiday NPC'S offer items for different levels, making them useful for wizards at any game stage rather than the primarily decorative items that had been available for past holidays. Eggbert was the first holiday NPC to sell just wands and no pet, but that seems to have changed for now. He sells the Pet Egg.

Location: Shopping District

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Eggbert's Spring Sale

Crown's Only

These items were sold here in April 2009, they may not remain the same for coming years


Item Price Currency
Floppy-Eared Wand300Crowns
Spring Egg Wand300Crowns
Bunny Wand300Crowns
Spring Chicken Scepter300Crowns
Spring Scepter300Crowns
Half-Shell Wand300Crowns
Spring Bunny Scepter300Crowns
Scepter of Spring's Bounty300Crowns
Hatchling Scepter300Crowns
Staff of the Cheeper500Crowns
Scepter of the Spring500Crowns
Staff of the White Rabbit500Crowns
Staff of the Equinox500Crowns
Chirping Staff500Crowns
Hatchling Wand1,500Crowns
Egg Basket Wand1,500Crowns
Hop-Hopping Wand1,500Crowns
Staff of the Hopper2,500Crowns

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