Boys Dorm

Girls Dorm

Your dormitory (Girl's Dorm or Boy's Dorm (Please note that boys can go in the Girl's Dorm and girls can go in the Boy's Dorm.)) is where you go when you click the bed shaped button on the bottom right of the map page.

This is very useful for coming back to Ravenwood to learn new spells, restore Mana or to end quests. Also useful as a quick way of coming back to Wizard City once you start the journey to the other worlds on the Spiral.

If in a group when doing quests in the area the dormiory teleport and the friend teleport can be used to make lightning fast Mana and Health, or Potion refill runs. Mind you it is probably not much faster than running all the way back to the closest neutral zone once everyone has had their turn! The main use of this is making sure you don't get into a duel on the way, and starting back exactly where you left off.

One useful thing found in your dormitory is the bank, which can be used to store items you don't want to carry - perhaps your seasonal outfits for Christmas? Your bank is the chest at the end of your bed, with the floating icon above it.

Dorms were changed due to the castle & lands update in April 2009

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