Doctor Purreau

A glimpse of Doctor Purreau at work.

Description: A man, er rather... cat of few words, Doctor Purreau explains the basics of hatching pets to young wizard students of Ravenwood. What can best be described as crude devices, Doctor Purreau's hatching stations can be costly to operate depending on the pedigree of the pets involved with the hatching process.

Most noteable about Doctor Purreau is that he is not just any cat. He is a friendly one and may be one of the first cats from Marleybone that didn't try to attack young wizard students with gearheads.

Lastly, he holds a clipboard of scribbled notes worthy of a mad scientist bent on pet hatching! Occasonally rubbing his chin, he is emersed in thought and too busy to interact with the students after the first introductory quest.

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Quest Goal:

A Wizard's Best Friend
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