Diego the Duelmaster

Diego the Duelmaster

Location: Wizard City - Unicorn Way

Gives quest

Advanced Combat

Quest Goal:

Diego the Duelmaster (Quest)

Ends quest:



Dancing (Ballroom, Salsa, Flamenco)
Florentine Style Fencing


Poor manners

Favorite Spell:

Power Play

Favorite Food:

Lobster Thermidor

Diego's Deluxe Raiments


Item Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Hat of Happenstance100Arena Tickets Hat of Happenstance Female Hat of Happenstance Male
Warfather's Mantle100Arena Tickets Warfather's Mantle Female Warfather's Mantle Male
Crusader's Headdress100Arena Tickets Crusader's Headdress Female Crusader's Headdress Male
Shroud of Strategic Victory100Arena Tickets Shroud of Strategic Victory Female Shroud of Strategic Victory Male
Mantle of Mastery100Arena Tickets Mantle of Mastery Female Mantle of Mastery Male
Skirmisher's Cowl100Arena Tickets Skirmisher's Cowl Female Skirmisher's Cowl Male
Hat of Triumph100Arena Tickets Hat of Triumph Female Hat of Triumph Male
Contender's Cap200Arena Tickets Contender's Cap Female Contender's Cap Male
Tactician's Headgear200Arena Tickets Tactician's Headgear Female Tactician's Headgear Male
Cap of the Savage200Arena Tickets Cap of the Savage Female Cap of the Savage Male
Coif of the Combatant200Arena Tickets Coif of the Combatant Female Coif of the Combatant Male
Hallowed Headwraps200Arena Tickets Hallowed Headwraps Female Hallowed Headwraps Male
Headgear of Strife200Arena Tickets Headgear of Strife Female Headgear of Strife Male
Gladiator's Mantle200Arena Tickets Gladiator's Mantle Female Gladiator's Mantle Male
Cowl of the Liberator350Arena Tickets Cowl of the Liberator Female Cowl of the Liberator Male
Veil of the Usurper350Arena Tickets Veil of the Usurper Female Veil of the Usurper Male
Adventurer's Cowl350Arena Tickets Adventurer's Cowl Female Adventurer's Cowl Male
Battler's Hat350Arena Tickets Battler's Hat Female Battler's Hat Male
Cowl of the Vigilant350Arena Tickets Cowl of the Vigilant Female Cowl of the Vigilant Male
Headdress of the Coliseum350Arena Tickets Headdress of the Coliseum Female Headdress of the Coliseum Male
Cowl of the Rebel350Arena Tickets Cowl of the Rebel Female Cowl of the Rebel Male
Hood of the Fray500Arena Tickets Hood of the Fray Female Hood of the Fray Male
Coif of the Hero500Arena Tickets Coif of the Hero Female Coif of the Hero Male
Fortune's Hood500Arena Tickets Fortune's Hood Female Fortune's Hood Male
Veteran's Veil500Arena Tickets Veteran's Veil Female Veteran's Veil Male
Mercenary's Hood500Arena Tickets Mercenary's Hood Female Mercenary's Hood Male
Freelancer's Coif500Arena Tickets Freelancer's Coif Female Freelancer's Coif Male
Howling Hood500Arena Tickets Howling Hood Female Howling Hood Male
Hood of Lamentation500Arena Tickets Hood of Lamentation Female Hood of Lamentation Male
Cowl of Tribulation700Arena Tickets Cowl of Tribulation Female Cowl of Tribulation Male
Shroud of the Peerless750Arena Tickets Shroud of the Peerless Female Shroud of the Peerless Male
Headdress of the Highest750Arena Tickets Headdress of the Highest Female Headdress of the Highest Male
Mantle of Merit750Arena Tickets Mantle of Merit Female Mantle of Merit Male
Coif of the Gladiator750Arena Tickets Coif of the Gladiator Female Coif of the Gladiator Male
Hat of Primacy750Arena Tickets Hat of Primacy Female Hat of Primacy Male
Veil of Victory750Arena Tickets Veil of Victory Female Veil of Victory Male
Diego's Dueling Cap750Arena Tickets Diego's Dueling Cap Female Diego's Dueling Cap Male


Item Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Raiment of Rivalry140Arena Tickets Raiment of Rivalry Female Raiment of Rivalry Male
Gladiator's Raiment140Arena Tickets Gladiator's Raiment Female Gladiator's Raiment Male
Wrap of the Rubicon140Arena Tickets Wrap of the Rubicon Female Wrap of the Rubicon Male
Drape of Discord140Arena Tickets Drape of Discord Female Drape of Discord Male
Cloud of War140Arena Tickets Cloud of War Female Cloud of War Male
Vestment of the Victorious140Arena Tickets Vestment of the Victorious Female Vestment of the Victorious Male
Smock of Dominion140Arena Tickets Smock of Dominion Female Smock of Dominion Male
Overtunic of Ovation280Arena Tickets Overtunic of Ovation Female Overtunic of Ovation Male
Champion's Cloak280Arena Tickets Champion's Cloak Female Champion's Cloak Male
Strategist's Overtunic280Arena Tickets Strategist's Overtunic Female Strategist's Overtunic Male
Top Dog's Tunic280Arena Tickets Top Dog's Tunic Female Top Dog's Tunic Male
Robe of the Front Line280Arena Tickets Robe of the Front Line Female Robe of the Front Line Male
Wrap of the Last Defender280Arena Tickets Wrap of the Last Defender Female Wrap of the Last Defender Male
Sergeant's Dress Smock280Arena Tickets Sergeant's Dress Smock Female Sergeant's Dress Smock Male
Duelist's Drape490Arena Tickets Duelist's Drape Female Duelist's Drape Male
Mercenary's Jerkin490Arena Tickets Mercenary's Jerkin Female Mercenary's Jerkin Male
Tunic of Tribulation490Arena Tickets Tunic of Tribulation Female Tunic of Tribulation Male
Siege Raiment490Arena Tickets Siege Raiment Female Siege Raiment Male
Vestment of the Invincible490Arena Tickets Vestment of the Invincible Female Vestment of the Invincible Male
Cloak of the Unconquered490Arena Tickets Cloak of the Unconquered Female Cloak of the Unconquered Male
Robe of the Defiant490Arena Tickets Robe of the Defiant Female Robe of the Defiant Male
Coat of the Formidable700Arena Tickets Coat of the Formidable Female Coat of the Formidable Male
Indomitable Cloak700Arena Tickets Indomitable Cloak Female Indomitable Cloak Male
Vanquisher's Wrap700Arena Tickets Vanquisher's Wrap Female Vanquisher's Wrap Male
Veteran's Vestment700Arena Tickets Veteran's Vestment Female Veteran's Vestment Male
Jerkin of the Jr. Achiever700Arena Tickets Jerkin of the Jr. Achiever Female Jerkin of the Jr. Achiever Male
Tunic of the Bold700Arena Tickets Tunic of the Bold Female Tunic of the Bold Male
Victor's Surcoat700Arena Tickets Victor's Surcoat Female Victor's Surcoat Male
Surcoat of the Victorious700Arena Tickets Surcoat of the Victorious Female Surcoat of the Victorious Male
Coat of Invincibility1,000Arena Tickets Coat of Invincibility Female Coat of Invincibility Male
Fighter's Vestment1,050Arena Tickets Fighter's Vestment Female Fighter's Vestment Male
Robe of the Reigning Champion1,050Arena Tickets Robe of the Reigning Champion Female Robe of the Reigning Champion Male
Smock of Supremacy1,050Arena Tickets Smock of Supremacy Female Smock of Supremacy Male
Drape of the Dominator1,050Arena Tickets Drape of the Dominator Female Drape of the Dominator Male
Tournament Tunic1,050Arena Tickets Tournament Tunic Female Tournament Tunic Male
Diego's Dueling Surcoat1,050Arena Tickets Diego's Dueling Surcoat Female Diego's Dueling Surcoat Male
Conqueror's Coat1,050Arena Tickets Conqueror's Coat Female Conqueror's Coat Male


Item Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Meritorious Mocassins60Arena Tickets Meritorious Mocassins Female Meritorious Mocassins Male
Footgear of Frenzy60Arena Tickets Footgear of Frenzy Female Footgear of Frenzy Male
Cruel Shoes60Arena Tickets Cruel Shoes Female Cruel Shoes Male
Footgear of the Guardian60Arena Tickets Footgear of the Guardian Female Footgear of the Guardian Male
Battlebringer Boots60Arena Tickets Battlebringer Boots Female Battlebringer Boots Male
Dog Soldier's Shoes60Arena Tickets Dog Soldier's Shoes Female Dog Soldier's Shoes Male
Warmonger's Sandals60Arena Tickets Warmonger's Sandals Female Warmonger's Sandals Male
Slippers of the Triumphant120Arena Tickets Slippers of the Triumphant Female Slippers of the Triumphant Male
Shoes of the Strategist120Arena Tickets Shoes of the Strategist Female Shoes of the Strategist Male
Marching Sandals120Arena Tickets Marching Sandals Female Marching Sandals Male
Battlemaster Broghans120Arena Tickets Battlemaster Broghans Female Battlemaster Broghan's Male
Weekend Warrior's Waders120Arena Tickets Weekend Warrior's Waders Female Weekend Warrior's Waders Male
Coliseum Sandals120Arena Tickets Coliseum Sandals Female Coliseum Sandals Male
War-Striders120Arena Tickets War-Striders Female War-Striders Male
Mocassins of the Marauder210Arena Tickets Mocassins of the Marauder Female Mocassins of the Marauder Male
War Waders210Arena Tickets War Waders Female War Waders Male
Broghans of Mastery210Arena Tickets Broghans of Mastery Female Broghans of Mastery Male
Sandals of the Valorous210Arena Tickets Sandals of the Valorous Female Sandals of the Valorous Male
Barbaric Boots210Arena Tickets Barbaric Boots Female Barbaric Boots Male
Eternal Champion's Sandals210Arena Tickets Eternal Champion's Sandals Female Eternal Champion's Sandals Male
Warlord's Sandals210Arena Tickets Warlord's Sandals Female Warlord's Sandals Male
Soldier's Slippers300Arena Tickets Soldier's Slippers Female Soldier's Slippers Male
Battle Striders300Arena Tickets Battle Striders Female Battle Striders Male
Slippers of the Victory Walk300Arena Tickets Slippers of the Victory Walk Female Slippers of the Victory Walk Male
Footgear of Favor300Arena Tickets Footgear of Favor Female Footgear of Favor Male
Campaigner's Shoes300Arena Tickets Campaigner's Shoes Female Campaigner's Shoes Male
Footwear of Supremacy300Arena Tickets Footwear of Supremacy Female Footwear of Supremacy Male
Shoes of the Remarkable300Arena Tickets Shoes of the Remarkable Female Shoes of the Remarkable Male
Boots of the Peerless300Arena Tickets Boots of the Peerless Female Boots of the Peerless Male
Sandals of Adversity450Arena Tickets Sandals of Adversity Female Sandals of Adversity Male
Diego's Duelist Boots450Arena Tickets Diego's Duelist Boots Female Diego's Duelist Boots Male
Footsoldier's Footgear450Arena Tickets Footsoldier's Footgear Female Footsoldier's Footgear Male
Sandals of Assuredness450Arena Tickets Sandals of Assuredness Female Sandals of Assuredness Male
Slippers of the Unflinching450Arena Tickets Slippers of the Unflinching Female Slippers of the Unflinching Male
Footgear of the Relentless450Arena Tickets Footgear of the Relentless Female Footgear of the Relentless Male
Boots of the Vigilant450Arena Tickets Boots of the Vigilant Female Boots of the Vigilant Male
Footgear of the Indomitable500Arena Tickets Footgear of the Indomitable Female Footgear of the Indomitable Male


Item Price Currency Image
Diadem of Despair350Arena Tickets Diadem of Despair


Item Price Currency Image
Storm Elf (Pet)25Arena Tickets Storm Elf
Myth Imp250Arena Tickets Myth imp1
Bronze Helephant750Arena Tickets Bronze Helephant
Magma Colossus (Pet)1,500Arena Tickets Magma Colossus

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